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Premium Memory Foam

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Removable Soft Plush Case

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About Us

My name is Brian, and I LOVE sleep. It was finals week and I was wildly sleep deprived. I put my head down on my books and then it hit me, the travel pillow had not yet been perfected! The most popular "mini" pillow, the neck pillow, often doesn't make the cut. It's big, bulky, and never seems to work as well as it is supposed to. Fortunately, those who sit upon Mount Olympus, in this case Morpheus, occasionally smile down upon us mortals and bless us with a gift. Morpheus wants everyone to nap like a god. Thus, Morph was born.

The Pillow

No one likes to be the guy that falls asleep on the shoulder of the stranger next to them on the plane. No student enjoys the giant red mark on their forehead after falling asleep on their desk. And nothing is worse than trying to catch some z's on the bus and performing the famed "head bob". All of these people are missing the Morph Pillow!


With the compactness and adaptability of the Morph Pillow, it can be adjusted to provide adequate sleep in any uncomfortable situation.


The premium memory foam covered by the soft plush case provide a firm support for your neck combined with a comfortable, soft landing place for your sleepy face.


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