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10 Tips for Long Plane Trips

10 Tips for Long Plane Trips

You wake up the morning of a day of travel with the excitement of a new place and a change of pace, accompanied by the soul-shaking fear of missing your flight and the anxiety of sitting in the middle seat for 6 hours straight.

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone has the luxury of flying first-class, so we have outlined 10 tips for you to minimize stress and discomfort as you explore the world and it's wonders!

1. Don't go overboard on the carry-ons 

Checked baggage fees are increasing and driving travelers to switch from checked suitcases to several carry-on backpacks.. While this can save you money, it might not be worth the $15.00; with a backpack or two under the seat in front of you, you're left with minimal leg room and a cramped sleeping space. 

2. Stay hydrated

Flying is taxing on the body and one of your biggest concerns is dehydration. Keep a bottle of water close by and consider a good source of electrolytes as back up (Gatorade - Frost Flavors - are my personal favorite).

3. Don't get caught without any battery life

The last thing you need on a stressful travel day is a dead iPad in the middle of your favorite episode of The Office.. Especially if you got stuck with the stingy airline that doesn't provide free entertainment systems.

4. Relax

You know what your mind and body need to relax, but if not, try a couple of these suggestions: meditate, picture yourself on the beach that you will be visiting shortly, do some breathing exercises, listen to your favorite tunes. You will sleep better and enjoy your trip!

5. When the plane engines are your enemy, noise-canceling headphones are your greatest ally

While somewhat overpriced, some would say that you can't put a price tag on a tranquil plane ride. You can always settle for some decent earplugs.

6. Travel pillow, Travel pillow, Travel pillow

If you don't bring a travel pillow, you're doing it wrong. Neck aches, no sleep, leaning on the stranger next to you, middle seats, 3 hours of head bobbing, need I say more?

7. Give it a shot.. Ask for a free upgrade

Get to the gate early, freshen up that breath, brighten that smile and see if you can't convince the check-in desk to switch you to that window seat you wanted. It may not always work, but you've got nothing to lose!

8. You're never too old for snacks

Even on the longest flights you won't be receiving an abundance of food. Peanuts and airplane cookies are great, but throw in a banana and some trail mix for that moment of desperation when they run out of your snack of choice.

9. Make friends with the crew

Definitely don't be a jerk. That's a given. But consider taking it a step further and complement the flight attendant's attitude or her hair and see if you don't get a refill on your cran-apple juice before everyone else!

10. Dress to impress.. no one

Unless you've got to jump off the plane and get to a high-level business meeting, it probably won't hurt to wear some loose and comfortable clothing. Don't forget a light blanket or sweater for that one flight crew that likes to keep the thermostat at a toasty 32 degrees.

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