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Top 10 travel hacks

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Top 10 travel hacks for travel happiness

Travel can be wonderful, but we often let stress get in the way of fully enjoying it. We'd like to share with you a few travel hacks so that you can really let go!


#1 Throw a dryer sheet in your suit case and keep things smelling fresh and free from static! dryersheetsuitcase

#2 Roll your clothes to save space in your suitcase. More space for shopping sprees and souvenirs!


#3 Enough worrying about your baggage. Mark it as fragile and they'll take extra good care of your stuff!fragile

#4 Use your shoes for extra space by stuffing them with socks, etc.. This will stop the destruction of your shoe's shape. Disclaimer: Beware of the stinky shoes that ruin everything.


#5 We shouldn't even have to say this.. Bring a travel pillow! But don't just bring any travel pillow.. Bring the Morph Pillow and make every seat a window seat. Compact, easy to use, and oh so soft.


#6 Don't be that guy that eats Mcdonalds for every meal while in Italy. Taste the flavors of your destination and eat where the locals flock to. One app to consider using is "Spotted By Locals"


#7 There is beauty all around you. If you are struggling to come up with the cash to fly to Europe, don't be quick to disregard the beautiful destinations all around you. Find an Airbnb, pack some ham sandwiches, and enjoy!


#8 Men in suits know best. If you're in a hurry, follow business men as opposed to holiday travelers. Business men are typically experienced and intelligent travelers that know where they are going. Most holiday travelers will be slow and indecisive.businessman and businesswoman using laptop and tablet computer at airport

#9 Keep a travel journal. It's amazing the details that we are capable of forgetting when we don't write things down. Keep a record of your travels and you'll be thankful down the road!


#10 One of a travler's greatest fears is the loss of  documentation. Email yourself a virtual copy of your passport, ID, and itinerary in the event of a theft or other misfortune.


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